The Green House:

It is a 10x20 foot plastic green house. Took less then a day to set up. And is affordable for anyone...around $250. Loving it..but it does take a little work...opening it up and closing it up daily and watering of course. I have a small heater in there as well for night time. But for the most part it has been very easy and I am loving it. I use plastic shelving to hold all the seedlings.

You can buy the Green House here: Amazon
And the heater I used is here: Amazon

Here is the green house..and our Big Dirt Pile..getting ready to build some raised beds soon.

Here is the inside of the green house. It opens on both sides and we set it up in a very sunny location. We will use this to grow seedlings during March, April and May. Soon it will be too hot to do much in here..but it is a great jump start on the garden to grow our own Heirloom seeds. Be sure to by Organic or Heirloom seeds. Genetically modified seeds will Not re-grow each year. (*there is no labeling on these genetically modified seeds.) So buying Heirloom and Organic seeds is the only way to avoid Genetically modified seeds.

Here are some great seed companies:

Green Beans


is a wonderful addition to bean, egg, chicken,
potato and vegetable dishes.